Block size: 960sqm
Duration of Design Stage: 3.5 months
Duration of Building Contract: 14 months
Actual Build Time: 12 months

Inspired by St Barts and the Caribbean, this authentic weatherboard home has an unmistakeable holiday feel. 

Located in Mosman Park, this classic family residence takes its cues from plantation inspired architecture and has been designed and built to honour the traditional discipline.   What you will see on arrival, and while walking through the home, is an authentic white weatherboard house, not just cladding stuck to brick walls.   It is honest architecture that purposely has no overdone or decorative features, so nothing is on show for show's sake.   It is a pared back design where you can enjoy lofty ceilings, plantation shutters, classic black flooring, white walls and views to the ocean from the expansive upper balcony.   The excitement in using architecture that is deliberately pared back means that the quality of the craftsmanship needs to be of an extremely high standard.  Aesthetically, the design is very clean so the eye will naturally be drawn to any unnecessary embellishments or faults, so it is testament to the entire Humphrey Homes team to deliver a home of this calibre.

The brief was that every room should be connected to the outside, maximising access to the garden or views beyond.

It features three bedrooms - each with a private ensuite - plus a pool house and gym/studio (also with a private ensuite) and the design wraps the main entertaining zones around a central courtyard and alfresco with sunken pool.

Want to live like everyday is a holiday?  This home certainly transports you there. 

"Shortly after arriving in Perth, nearly 12 years ago, I cut out an article from the newspaper about a house in Cottesloe that had been renovated by Dean Humphrey. I was struck by the quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail which in the boom of 2006 seemed to often be lacking elsewhere. I resolved that if we were ever in the position to pursue an architect build I would engage Humphrey Homes. Ten years later we were looking to build a timeless weatherboard plantation style home and Humphrey Homes remained the obvious choice. Not only had they continued to build high quality homes but they were the only builder in Perth I had seen build an authentic weatherboard house (rather than just cladding stuck to brick). Having access to Dean, the builder, and Helen, the architect, in the same room throughout the design stage made it a fully collaborative and interactive experience. Helen quickly comprehended the feel of home we were aiming for and Dean gave immediate feedback on practical and cost implications of creative ideas we were discussing. The team at Humphrey Homes work seamlessly to not only provide the best experience possible for customers but individually contribute to improving the final result. All queries and concerns are taken seriously and responded to promptly. Everyone is accessible, informed, and clear on their role in the process. I cannot fault the design service that Humphrey Homes offer. Approachable, fair, open, efficient, and knowledgeable, Dean has extremely high standards yet still maintains a great sense of humour - all qualities essential in a process that might otherwise become highly stressful!"
Amanda Ward, Mosman Park

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