Interior Design

Interior design enhances a home to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for those residing in it.

In our view, interior design is an extension of the architecture.  It takes the overall house design to another level of sophistication and detail. 

An interior designer is like an interior architect - they design and refine spaces, design kitchens and cabinetry, design lighting etc, as well as assist with all the various material and product selections - both internally and externally. 

Using an interior designer with an architect provides a holistic approach to your new home as one vision is created and carried through all elements.

At Humphrey Homes, our interior designer Joie Stevenson shares a very similar design sensibility with our architect Helen Marchesani, which is important for the vision of our architecture.    It streamlines the design/build service even more which means better efficiency, better value and adds another level of creativity and sophisiticaiton to your home.

As each home is different, we treat each one individually and Joie is available for advice on each project as required.

Take a look at some of the inspiration for our homes.

Floreat Residence

In this Floreat residence, the interior design elements are deliberately pared back to allow the rammed concrete and the strong lines of the building to be the focus.  Hard finishes and soft timber hues complement the textural elements in the home creating a warm inviting interior.

"The strong elements of the exterior and the rammed concrete in this home are elevated with a light and airy feel to the interior. It is a lovely example of how many elements can work in unison to deliver a harmonious aesthetic," Joie Stevenson, Interior Designer


Cottesloe Residence

Dalkeith Residence

Mosman Park Residence


Cottesloe Residence