The bespoke home

What is it & why should you want it?

By responding to the lifestyle, personal style and specific requirements of each client, Humphrey Homes delivers beautiful, functional and quality-built architectural spaces. That is what luxury is to us and that is the basis of our ‘bespoke home’ approach. It’s important to know that this doesn’t define a style. Nor is it about a price tag or price bracket. Our bespoke homes are thoughtfully designed, with our clients at the centre of each and every design choice.

At Humphrey Homes, we believe in creating real homes that have real purpose – homes tailored to your unique lifestyle, taste, location and budget. Our bespoke homes consider the specific qualities of your site. The architecture is designed to capitalise on location, climate and orientation to maximise natural light and views, enhancing comfort and lifestyle. We collaborate with you to create well thought out and resolved designs and aesthetics that support you in living the life you want, in the location of your choice and with the people and pieces you want in your life. So, whether you want a technology-packed contemporary space, a laidback lifestyle-driven design or nostalgic heritage-style home, we can realise your vision.

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